How To Create A Powerful Logo Shape

Using basic shapes to create a powerful logo is difficult, and not all brands do it successfully. You need to make many considerations when designing a logo, and this article will cover what you need to know to craft a powerful logo shape.

Abstract picture of several colorful semicircles
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Your logo needs to be instantly recognizable. It represents your brand, so it needs to make an excellent first impression and be memorable. The shape is one of the main factors influencing your logo's uniqueness, so you need to give your logo's shape enough thought.  

Understanding The Power Of Logo Shapes

Depending on the shape, people can feel different emotions. This is why understanding what shapes represent and how they can make people feel a certain way is essential to design successful logos for your brand.

An experienced logo designer will know how to use geometric shapes to design a logo that correctly reflects the brand identity. If you don't have any experience with logo design, then hiring a logo and branding design company is a great option.

Knowing what different shapes can represent will be helpful, so let's review some vital information you should know.

Circles - Soft

When using circles or similar shapes in your logo design, concepts like unity and fun are expressed to the people looking at the logo. Ring-like shapes represent partnership and stability. If your brand values fit this messaging, then using circular shapes is the right choice for your logo.

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Square - Sharp

Shapes with sharp edges, like squares, rectangles, and triangles, express stability and are used to suggest professionalism by a brand to its customers. Shapes like these are typically associated with masculinity and male products and brands.

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The complexities of shapes and what they make people feel are hard to understand, and that's why you should hire the best logo design company to help you through the design process and create a powerful logo for your brand. A logo's shape can also change its meaning depending on the color used, so you need to consider the color choice as well when designing the logo.

Understanding Shape Psychology

Designing a logo is a process that takes time; it will take time to do it correctly. You need to make considerations if you want to create a powerful logo shape for your brand, and to make this easier for yourself, you should first write down what qualities you want your logo to express to whoever sees it.

After you know what qualities the logo should have, you can start looking for suitable shapes to help express those qualities to your target audience. While looking for the proper form, you need to consider what colors and typography you will use, too, as these can change the qualities the logo expresses.

You Should Use Simple Shapes

If you want to create a powerful logo shape, then you need to keep it simple. This is important, as simple forms are more memorable and easier to scale. Your logo will be displayed in several different sizes, which means that you need to consider what your logo will look like at these different sizes and if people can recognize the shape of your logo.

You may think that a complex-shaped logo will be more unique, making it a better logo, but that is not true. You must think about all aspects of logo design and follow the principles that help create great logos.

Using Negative Space

Using negative space correctly can help make your logo's design more robust. If you use negative space correctly, you can add more meaning to your logo and help it represent your brand better.

Cleverly using negative space to make your brand better will not be easy; it will take time and effort and lots of logo design drafts.

Shapes In Logo Design Industry


Businesses that are more focused on services like education tend to use circles in their logos. They do this because circles can be used to express inclusiveness. Using this shape in the logo will help people understand the business faster and want to find out more about it.

Apple logo
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Businesses focused on finance and similar industries tend to use squares and rectangles in their logos as these shapes can be used to express trust and stability. This will help people trust the businesses and want to find out more about what they offer.

IKEA logo
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This shape and similar logo shapes are typically used in scientific businesses. The triangle shape can be used to express innovation. Using this shape will help people see that the company is modern and wants to help improve their lives.

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Not many logo designers use the power of natural shapes to improve their logos and help them represent their brands better. Doing this correctly and effectively is difficult, so many designers don't try, but it is worth the effort.

Colors and typography can influence people's emotions when they see a logo. The logo's shape can also do this, but it needs more thought put into it. The logo's body will significantly impact its look, so you need to be sure before deciding what it should look like.