Flatted Responsive & Flat Theme for the Ghost CMS

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Flatted is a Theme for the new Ghost CMS.
Ghost is a minimal blogging system (right now) available in public beta. You are able to add and edit content, change Blog Logo and Cover Images and edit your User Account.

By using different Themes you can customize your Blog that way you want it really easily.

With Flatted for Ghost you’ll have a full Flat & Responsive Theme which works 100% with Ghost CMS.

The installation is really easy, the customization is described very well in the Documentation.

Flatted has an index page (frontpage) like in the Demo Site (without background image and logo) with the many content you have set in your Ghost Settings. The posts on the frontpage are limited to the excerpt. In a post detail you’ll see the full content of your post formatted responsive (so big images will always fit your screen width » Demo Post).

At the bottom of any post detail site you’ll have 3 social share buttons to share your content on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and some information about the post author (name, linked if available and description).

As you can see on the Demo Page the header is covered with an image (which is the Blog Cover) and is filled with a Blog Logo, a title and a short description. These are easily customizable in your Ghost Settings.

You can easily change colors of this Flatted Theme! Look at the Documentation for custom stylings.

So how you can see, everything in the Demo/ Preview Images are available to download and really easy to customize. Feel Free to ask question by using the Contact Form on my Profile or on my personal Portfolio.

Do not forget: The images are not included, but are freebies (commercial use is allowed). They are linked in the Documentation if you want to use some of them.


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